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Wall preparation (or any smooth flat surface like glass, wood, ceramics, plastic, metal)

Prepare your wall by wiping with a clean, dry cloth, be sure the surface is dry and dust free. If your surface is rough, wet, dirty or grainy the vinyl won’t stick well. Our stickers apply perfectly on the traditional breathable interior paint; on acrylic paints, water varnish, outdoor pait or other atypicals paints we do not guarantee the result.

Prepare the Wall sticker

Place the sticker on a wide, flat, clean and smooth surface.
Use your thumb or a credit card, to firmly rub over the front of the sticker to make sure the graphic is sticking, especially along the smaller parts and edges.
Large stickers need to be cut in separate pieces as indicated and then mounted to remake the original design.

Tape Sticker in the right place on your wall

Position your sticker on your wall in a place that you like.
Using a paper tape, tape the sticker to your wall along the edges of the sticker.
If necessary, use a ruler or a measuring tape to precisely adjust the position of your wall sticker.
Once in desired position, apply pressure to stick the paper tape to wall.
Now your sticker is safely taped in desired position.

Remove the Backing Paper and apply

Carefully remove the backing paper from vinyl design. Start from a corner of the backing paper, the graphic has to stay on the application yellow paper. If transfer failure occurs during peeling, don’t panic! This is normal, flip face up and rub the spot strongly, peel from another angle/direction.
Once backing paper is removed the design will be on the application paper, which is sticky, keep it raised until ready to apply.
Then slowly flip the sticker back over. Use your thumb to slowly and carefully stick decal and to smooth away any wrinkles or bubbles. Apply some pressure to transfer it onto your flat surface.
The sticker has to be applied very slowly, a bit at a time, because bubbles can easily appear. If bubbles appear puncture them with a fine needle and squeeze the air out by pressing in a circular motion towards the centre of the bubble or just press firmly with a credit card.

Remove the Application Paper

Wait few minutes to let the sticker bond to your surface.
Carefully remove application paper horizontally starting from the corner. If the design starts to lift while peeling, flip the application paper back over and rub a little more on that spot.
Remove the application paper completely.

That’s it! Enjoy your new home style!

Stickers Care

This high quality vinyl is guaranteed at least 3 years for indoor use, and there’s no need for maintenence. It may start to peel only if you scratch it or wet it or if the surface is inappropriate (grainy, damp, greasy or dirty).

• Read more tips about "how to apply" in our FAQs



Easy, quick and no damage

Removing the wall sticker

With your finger nail pick at the corner of the decal and then just slowly peel it off, yes, it's that easy! It shouldn’t leave any residue, at worst a little glue which is easily removed with a damp cloth of water or alcohol. A tip to make it even easier would be to heat the decal with a hairdryer set on low heat and held about eight inches from the wall, this will melt the adhesive.