How to make wall stickers: from idea to finished product

The simplicity of applying your Evergreen Orange wall sticker is the fruit of long experience and craftmanship. A wall sticker goes through different phases in its preparation, some are digital, some mechanical but for the most part it is exclusively manual, which we show you here. We are happy to invite you into our laboratory because we believe that the difference between a good product and a great one comes from the love of quality.



Short bio of our vinyl craftsman

He has worked for twenty years as a professional in the wall stickers field. He has collaborated with some of the most important names in Italian furniture design such as Moroso, Missoni Home and Fantoni, producing and installing wall stickers at prestigious trade fairs in New York, Paris, London, Milan and Cologne.

Adapting Designs
Our wall stickers are created by designers, then our staff convert the art work into digital files to be processed by the plotter (a computer device for cutting vector graphics).

Vinyl Loading
Our craftsmanthen loads and manually aligns the vinyl into the cutting machine. Allignment by hand allows an out board tollerance of lower than 0,5 mm.

Slow and perfect cut
Only the sticker cutting process is mechanical and we use the finest equipment avaible. Our rotating head blade is always sharp, and turns on a 360° axis guaranteeing maximum precision even in details inferior to a tenth of a millimetre and faithful reproduction of the original design. We set a slow cutting speed because like good wine, quality takes time.

Peeling the decal
Most people think that a machine can prepare a wall decal in a few seconds, that’s not how it is. The digital design is cut on the vinyl by the mechanical cutter, but its the hand of our craftsman who carefully peels away the unwanted vinyl with his scalpel using surgical precision. While his steady hand is peeling the adhesive vinyl, his expert eye checks the quality of the finish.

Application Paper
We use a quality ecofriendly paper applier because of its softness and therefore you can peel it off like a dream compared to plastic common appliers.

The paper applier is pressed on to the sticker with a spatula making it ready for your use. This process is skillfully done to ensure that you have no snags when applying your wall sticker.


Our lab is located in the countryside of Friuli Venezia Giulia, one of the last unspoiled regions in Italy. This land is unique because of its cross-cultural exchanges with Austria and Slovenia. We Friulans pride ourselves on our relationship with nature, our customs and habits follow a centuries old tradition tied to the cycles of the seasons.

We at Evergreen Orange are trying to make our contribution towards a greener planet. Small examples of this commitment are: discarded adhesive vinyl is gifted as play packs to local kinder gardens, in the summer we never use air conditiong and in winter we keep heating to a minimum, we avoid waste whenever we can because less is more.

In our lab age-old Italian traditional craftsmanship is combined with the latest American technologies. The final results are handmade exceptional quality and original wall stickers created for people who desire elegance and attention to detail.

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