The story behind Evergreen Orange

The heart of Evergreen Orange is Caterina Ongaro, a graduate in Industrial Design from the University of Architecture in Venice, Italy. Caterina has had an eclectic career which has included industrial and graphic design, photography, and videomaking. Her work has taken her to UK, the USA and back to her native land: Italy.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, she has created a collective of top designers, and craftsmen who have collaborated with Evergreen Orange. The designers showcase their range of original designs to help you decorate your home with love. This company is special because of the efficient customer service, its uniqueness and high quality of its wall stickers.

They cannot be found anywhere else.

Apart from great graphics, the outstanding feature of Evergreen Orange is Caterina's passion for her work reflected in an eye for detail and a genuine interest in her clients' happiness. She is just an email away from you.



Italian Wall Stickers

Our in-house Evergreen Orange designers, have been specialized for years in the design of original home decorating ideas, phrases and wall quotes about life and love. As well as sweet wall stickers for kids and nursery, wall stickers for the kitchen and living room, nice tree & floral vinyl stickers, romantic wall tattoos with butterflies and hearts but especially custom wall stickers.